The Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection is a line of 3 3/4 scale action figures, playsets and vehicles from Hasbro.  The line went from 2010 to 2012.  It was revived in 2018 and continues to the date of this write up.   This line is one of my favorites.  It re-creates the card style of the original Kenner line, even including the Kenner logo.  In many cases, the photo on the card matches the photo of the original Kenner line.   This line is not the first time that Hasbro re-created the look of the original line.  Reproductions were created for The Original Trilogy Collection and The Saga Collection but were packaged in a clamshell case with the respective logo.  For the purposes on this databases, they are included with the early lines and not the Vintage Collection. 

Part of the fun of this line is to see new sculpts of old figures on reproductions of the original cards.  I also love to see figures from the prequel and sequel trilogies on vintage cards- especially since this in the only line we get to have 3 3/4″ Rise of Skywalker figures. 

While many of the figures in this line have been found in the regular outlets (Target, Toys R US, Wallmart), there are many in this line are exclusives and/or just extremely difficult to find.  Unfortunately, there are 7 figures of the main line (Bastila Shan, Ponda Baba, Echo Base Rebel Soldier, Darth Malgus, Nikto, Shae Vizla and Starkiller) that I have been unable to obtain… yet.  

There are few things that I think need improvement on this line.  First, I wish they would attempted to re-create the style of the backs of the cards.  Second, I would like to see a better distribution system for this line and fewer retailer exclusives. 

Ultimate Galactic Hunt foil packaging variants were created but I did not collect those.

There have been a few re-releases with updated sculpts.  These have the same VC number and, in most cases, the same photo.  There is at least one, however, VC023 that has the same number but has two different pictures and two different names. 

Original ROTJ

The card from the Original Kenner Return of the Colletion

Original VC23

Original called "Luke Skywalker: Jedi Knight Outfit" with a photo from Jabba's Place- Matching the photo of the Return of the Jedi Card

Re-Released VC23

Now called "Luke Skywalker: Endor" with a photo from the Endor landing platform

Basic Figures